What is RED?


    ...RED (Rapid Easy Design) is a plugin

       for Google Sketchup, which is designed

       to assist with the specification of

       Three H Furniture System products.

    There is no library with RED. Rather, RED uses a series of programs; each of which model an individual product family.

    By selecting the attributes of the product you wish to create, one program can generate hundreds of thousands of individual products. Product changes are simple; click on the product, change its parameters and the new item is created.


    • Developed for the CREATE Office Platform™ and Enhanced for PREMIERE™ Series and MultiStations OS™
    • No libraries to choose from
    • Fast, easy, user friendly plug-in
    • Assistants to help and guide you in building the perfect configuration
    • Always current list pricing, verified against our internal systems
    • Ability to apply our current decor colors and fabrics.
    • Automatically generates a Bill of Materials
    • Print or PDF Quotes for customers
    • Export to SIF or XML for easy integration to purchasing systems.
    • PC and Mac compatible


    • Sketchup 8, Sketchup 2013, or Sketchup 2014
    • Basic knowledge of the Sketchup interface
    • Mac or PC with 4 GB RAM installed


NeoCon 2017