• BIMM Direct & Digital

    Whiskey at Work

    Proof that a Venerable Distillery Can Still Elevate the Spirit


    Now a gem in the landscape of Toronto, the multi-use Distillery District is centered around a classic stone Victorian-era building in which

    BIMM Direct & Digital located its new offices.


    GIOTAN Design was presented with the opportunity to re-envision the interior space for BIMM Direct & Digital and create a modern workspace for this prominent ad agency while

    building on the spirit of the structural elements.


    The result is an efficient, high-energy work environment captured inside the spirit of this multi-storied distillery marvel. The client is delighted.



    56 Workspaces

    Create Office Platform - desking

    MultiStations OS - panels



    Honey Maple


    Knife Edge



    Interior Designer:

    GIOTAN Design Associates Inc.

    Toronto, Ontario


    Project Dealer:

    SCI Interiors

    Toronto, Ontario

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  • Jordan Valley Community Health Center

    Precision in Product -

    From Sizing to Quotation, Service to Installation


    Jordan Valley Community Health Center required private office, shared space and library shelving for its newly rehabilitated building. The challenge was to find product that could be specified by 'the inch' and still be a value solution. Three H was the answer.



    10 Private office suites

    7 Workstations

    5 Shared office spaces (4 person)

    6 Storage arrangements



    Nutmeg Cherry Laminate

    Finish, Solid Wood Bullnose

    Edge Trim, Mink Panel Fabric,

    Stainless Equinox Pulls


    Project Dealer:

    Thomas Brothers

  • Ramius Corporation

    High Tech

    High Style


    When you deliver innovative, web-based social networking and online community software to customers such as NASA and the World Bank,

    you need to conduct business at a  level of sophistication that meets or exceeds their expectations. So the CEO of Ramius himself worked with the design team to ensure that the new office plan and furniture selection met a high international standard of function and styling.


    The interior designer created a visually compelling environment that is as striking as it is enabling. Staff work in a dynamic open space

    that encourages creative interaction while additional rooms provide bright private places for focused group and client activity. MultiStations OS provides the critical foundation for this innovative space.



    20 MultiStation OS units



    White Laminate





    Project Dealer:

    Ottawa Business Interiors

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  • Sysco Food Services

    Uncompromised Styling -

    With a Branded Appearance


    This high-profile global leader in food service has high standards in office aesthetics and utility. They required a furniture solution

    that brought together a branded look with a workable price. The Three H result was all the beauty and allure of veneer at a much lower cost - with the additional benefits of laminate

    durability. And with wall mounted hutches and tackboard panels, the visual appeal and work surface functionality were further heightened.



    12 Typical offices

    4 Executive offices

    Boardrooms and Reception



    Nightfall Cocoa

    Solid Wood Bullnose Trim,

    Drift Graphite Panel Fabric,

    Stainless Equinox Pulls





    Project Dealer

    Contemporary Office Interiors

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  • Jarvis Engineering

    A Room with a View

    Maximizing Function and Impact


    This successful electrical engineering firm was moving into an open office environment and wanted to maintain an open feeling; achieve a clean, modern look for the interior design, and take advantage of stunning window views of

    the mountains. It was important to have a sustainable, reconfigurable solution with ample work-surface area for staff to lay out drawings and have easy access storage at each workstation.


    The challenge was to design private work areas in a collaborative setting that permitted concentration on work tasks while allowing the window views to be in the background without

    distraction. Two MultiStations OS panels, in 7 inch height increments, stacked on the main 29 inch panel created just the right height to accomplish this. And the partial hutch shelf with tack-board, while being functional, also provided separation of individual workstations.



    14 MultiStations OS workstations



    Victoria Walnut and White Laminates


    Project Dealer:

    Aura Office Environments

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  • North Bay Regional Health Centre

    HOK - Designed Hospital Opens

    with Three H Furniture for All Managers and Technicians

    Multi-Use Product

    Three H won the tender to provide office furniture in all managerial and technical areas in private, shared and open plan offices. From the CEO and all management offices to physician work-areas, clinical records, pharmacy, library, emergency, diagnostic imaging, labs, and clinical desking.


    Easily Reconfigured Product

    Three H had become the standard in the previous hospital buildings not only because of the warm aesthetics in product styling, but because the product could be easily reconfigured when staff moved or the function of the space changed.


    Futurity of Product

    The hospital was drawn to the attractiveness of Three H product - it significantly helps reduce the sterile, institutional look of spaces. Further more, the hospital can always add product in the future that will match up.



    The hospital needs to customize desk sizes to spaces for maximum efficiency and flexibility. The CEO's office features a wall mounted hutch and tack-board for example. The flexibility Three H provides will be extremely important as the new space evolves over time.



    560 Workstations and Desks

    (Including MultiStations OS)

    71 Bookcases and File Cabinets

    14 Carousel Arrangements

    10 Reception Areas



    HOK Canada,

    Toronto, ON


    Project Dealers:

    Grand & Toy

    North Bay, ON



    Toronto, ON

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  • Veritaaq


    The New Normal is Here

    Can the design of office furniture capture the personality of the organization? Can it contribute to a fast-paced and dynamic sales

    environment? Well the President of this IT services company certainly thinks so.


    Three H provided an integrated solution for open space, board and meeting rooms, reception stations and management offices. The state-of-the-art look is created by blending

    current wood-grain finishes with metal rails and glass...All seamlessly designed by one of Toronto's leading design firms.


    Professional designs, affordable choices:

    The new normal is here.



    MultiStations OS

    Private Office


    Board and Meeting rooms



    All in Castle Oak and

    white laminates


    Project Dealer

    Drechsel Business Interiors


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  • Architects Plus

    Architects Plus

    A Plan for the Future


    This Cincinnati-based architectural firm was expanding and faced an opportunity to move into a larger bright space with a long wall of nicely structured and attractive windows. A perfect time to take advantage of an open plan system for its employees while creating a transparent and highly functional creative arrangement for the partners.


    Architects Plus chose Three H over several leading brand manufacturers for its ability to not only provide MultiStations OS open plan furniture that suited  the space but also private

    office solutions customized to the partners rooms. A uniquely created "surround-office" provides two of he partners with a perfectly fitted wall-to-wall wrap-around desk. Plenty of

    individual space with the ability to switch to collaboration in an instant.


    And with a conference room arrangement as part of the mix, Three H provided a total office solution.



    MultiStations OS

    Function Casegoods

    Conference Table



    Honey Maple




    Project Dealer:

    Office Furniture Source

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  • Sullivan Cotter

    The New Professionalism

    Distinguished, Classic AND Progressive

    When your physical office environment

    becomes a key component of your recruitment

    strategy for professional staff, you know you selected the right furniture.


    Sullivan Cotter, a leading health care compensation and human resource

    management consulting firm in the United

    States, systematically reviewed five leading

    furniture manufacturers to standardize their offices across the country.


    They wanted furniture that reflected the new professional office: Multi-cultural, multi-generational and multi-functional. With a priority of creating a unified design for the complete office that adapted to differing tasks and floor plans.


    After selecting and installing Three H product lines they discovered that staff not only took particular pride in their new offices but the furniture was attracting the attention of top recruits.



    Private Office Casegoods

    MultiStations OS

    Conference Tables






    Project Dealer

    Great River Office Products

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  • ABM


    Into a New Territory

    Needing a new space for their expanding business in Minnesota, ABM presented Bertelson One Source design team with the challenge of creating a fun and inviting interior

    environment for their employees and clients to do business.


    The result was an innovative office with the integration of Three H Create, Premiere, MultiStations OS, UpSide and Conferencing throughout the entire space. The integration included 21 offices, 4 conference rooms and

    2 large open areas for employees.


    By using rich finishes like mocha walnut, offset by white work surfaces, cabinets and Quarry Blue fabric the space took on a warm clean and

    modern environment.




    21 Offices

    4 Conference Rooms

    2 Open Office Areas




    MultiStations OS panel system

    Create private offices and open plan

    Upside height adjustable worksurfaces

    Premiere Series private offices

    Conferencing & Media Centers

    (Mocha Walnut & White)


    Project Dealer:

    Bertelson One Source

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

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  • FBT Architects

    The Power To Engage & Inspire


    With a corporate philosophy of inspiring innovation through collaboration, what better way to demonstrate this than by leading through example. So when it came time for FBT Architects to design their new office, choosing furniture for an interactive space that also provides for an inspiring environment was a top priority.


    With the thin-profile MultiStations OS panels in warm wood tones, FBT Architects was able to achieve a streamlined look in rich finishes. By taking out walls and lowering panel heights, each employee now has a view to the mountains and city of Albuquerque. Open, simple  yet highly functional stations partner

    nicely with the branded wall color and fabric/floor-tile textures within the 10,500 sq. ft. space comfortably designed for 40 employees.



    MultiStations OS in

    Tuxedo and White


    Interior Designer:

    Studio M

    Albuquerque, NM


    Project Dealer:

    Workspace Dynamics

    Albuquerque, NM

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  • Sodecia

    The Dream Plant

    “POI and Three H were a very responsive team to work with. The end product was an exceptional integration of the building design, client needs and the project budget.”


    Endri Poletti

    B Arch. OAA MRAIC

    Endri Poletti Architect Inc.

    “Our installation team liked working with the Three H product. The product is well crafted and easy to assemble. Three H met Sodecia’s delivery schedules and the orders were shipped complete”



    Jeff Crane

    Regional Manager

    POI Business Interiors Inc

    Sodecia GTAC in London, Ontario

    Sodecia GTAC is a global full-service supplier of specialized manufacturing solutions, with a focus on the automotive industry. Their London, ON based Global Tech & Automation Center (GTAC) builds robotic cells and complete manufacturing lines for internal and external customers, as well as providing engineering and training support. Recognizing the outstanding efficiency of its London operations, Sodecia decided to consolidate GTAC work in a new facility. For Director Chris Hurley, it was the opportunity to “build my dream plant”.

    An Engineering Culture

    Endri Poletti Architect prepared the overall design, then invited three firms including POI to participate in the tendering process. Judging that it would best meet Sodecia’s desired quality and price points, and its clean modern lines would complement the company’s engineering culture, POI proposed Three H to supply the office furniture. “We took representatives from Sodecia and Poletti to tour the Three H showroom. It was important for the client to see, touch, experience a wide variety of products.”

    Custom Product with Three H

    Following this visit, Three H designed for Sodecia a custom six-station work pod, with spacious desks, glass dividers, and modules combining filing cabinets with seating. Hurley recalls, “Three H gave us these great custom pods for a reasonable price. And POI was very helpful, building a mock-up in their office so we could see what it would really be like.”

    Custom Service with POI

    Sourcing primarily from Three H, with selected pieces from other partners, POI installed all the office furniture for Sodecia’s dream plant, including 12 private offices, 50 work stations, meeting room and auditorium tables and chairs. Both the client and architect praise POI’s professionalism and responsiveness.

    “A Beauty”

    “They backed up their products. Any issues, they fixed immediately. They were amenable to suggestions. They just delivered.” Furnishings aside, the plant is a beauty. The manufacturing shop is spacious, efficient, and clean. Employees enjoy the gym, games room, cafeteria and outdoor patio. Every room is flooded with natural light. And a live green wall breathes oxygen into the soaring entry hall.

    The new plant has been open for just eight weeks. But already it sends a clear message.

    “It tells employees we care about them. It shows customers that we are investing in the future.

    It feels sleek and sharp, like wearing a suit!”

    When asked about the biggest benefit of the new office space, Chris Hurley doesn’t hesitate.

     “My people are happy.”



    MultiStations OS



    Laminates: Almond & Dark Suede


    Interior Designer:

    Endri Poletti Architect Inc.

    London, Ontario


    Project Dealer:

    POI Business Interiors Inc.

    London, Ontario

    PDF Download


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