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DISCLAIMER: Finish options vary by product line.

Please see the Finishes by Product PDF

for finishes on all of our product lines.

Recently Delisted Laminates - July 9, 2018

  • Castle Oak
  • Honey Maple
  • Nutmeg Cherry
  • Sage
  • Symphony Walnut*
  • Victorian Cherry
  • Victoria Walnut
  • Wild Cherry

*Symphony Walnut is discontinued

Delisted laminates available upon special request. Subject to a minimum quantity order charge and extended lead time.

Please contact customer service for more information.

Standard Laminates

Tuxedo ∙ L477

Sea Grey Rift ∙ W129

Mahogany ∙ W365

Riviera Maple ∙ W140

Oyster Sandstone ∙ S495

Clay ∙ L34

Nightfall Cocoa ∙ W292

Mocha Walnut ∙ W200

Bleached Oak ∙ W64D

Earth ∙ L55

Dark Suede ∙ G52

Autumn Cherry ∙ W341

Almond ∙ S445

Storm Grey ∙ S565

Hazelnut ∙ S60V

Mocha Rift ∙ G50

Sunset ∙ W336

Sand Drift ∙ G51

White ∙ S663

Black ∙ S405

Stream Walnut ∙ W42W

Oiled Cherry ∙ P44

Sugar Maple ∙ WM115

Grey ∙ S564

Space Grey ∙ S551

Sienna ∙ P39P

Textured Laminates

Upcharge applicable, contact customer service for details.

Light Oak

Fumed Oak

Stone Rift